Frank Toker's Courses On-line


Introduction to the History of Western Art

HA&A 0010

Introduction to Western Architecture

HA&A 0040

Architecture and Urbanism of Pittsburgh

HA&A 0510

Early American Architecture

HA&A 1530

Modern American Architecture

HA&A 1531

Early Renaissance Architecture

HA&A 1305

Architecture of the High Renaissance

HA&A 1306

Early Christian & Byzantine Architecture

HA&A 1220

Architecture of the Eighteenth Century

HA&A 1407

Medieval Architecture

HA&A 0221

Seminar on Florence Cathedral

HA&A 1911 and 2105

Approaches to the History of Art and Architecture: The Builders of Pittsburgh

HA&A 1010

World Cities: Toward an Analysis and History of Urban Form

HA&A 1880

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